Sunday, April 6, 2014


Funny how things work. I have no issues with spiders at all ... provided there is a camera between my face 
and theirs. 



Sans camera, though? The only time you will see me truly act like a girl. Someone has to die. Or someone has to run flailing from the room. 

Either or.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ant farming

Dogs have sheep to tend to, ants have aphids. 

Ants and aphids 

They hug them and love them and squeeze them and call them George and get nectar droplets for their trouble. 

Aphid milking

All this going on in the backyard on one little plant! 

Hoverfly with aphids 

Hoverfly w/aphids 

Whatever the hell this thing is 

No clue what this is or what it will be eventually...

And everybody’s favorite beetle…


And, yes, everything has dog hair on it at my house. No one gets a pass!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


It’s funny how things change. I am going to see my mom this weekend. I was talking to a coworker this morning about my out of office time. When I told her where I was going the first response was, “is she okay?” 

So, we are at that age now? I don’t just go see my mom anymore? Maybe I’m going because she ill or dying or something? I’ll have to let her know. It’s like being at the doctor if you have lost weight. First question…. Did you lose it on purpose? That’s the same as saying “you are at the cancer age now, start worrying about that.” 

Bella is just looking so old now. I know she is “only” eleven, but it seems to be sinking in this year. 


The intensity is still there, but the duration has shortened. No more hours of anything. More like a good 20 minute run, then, "I’ll be over here eating grass when you’re ready to go.” It’s sort of unnerving to see her decide to NOT go get a ball. Bella is not a “meh” kinda dog. 

Kate is not really physically aging. Will forever be a ball freak. She is just relaxing a bit. She walks sometimes now. Will sleep in different places without looking like world is going to stop spinning. Definitely aging gracefully. 


My housemate goes to work pretty early. I let all the dogs out before I go to work at a later (and way more reasonable) hour. Poor Myka, the oldest in the house at 12, is losing her hearing. Physically she is great, but instead of “My, let’s go” it is now, ‘myka, Myka, MYKA!”  :)

I also didn’t think she was looking older. Looking at photos this morning, though? 

Totally graying out. 

You don’t really notice the progression on a merle dog. 

Myka in 2009


Last year!


Her color may have mellowed, but she's still a shit!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Food now, photos later

I got my D600 back from Nikon today. This was part of the dust/oil/smudgies-you-can't-get-rid of sensor problem recall of sorts. "Service advisory" if you are a lawyer-type. It was free, so good. But... isn't there always a "but?"...I no longer have the soft smudges that look like dust and in their place I have a bunch of these...

Thanks Nikon!

Really, Nikon? Did they chisel the oil spots off the sensor?

I haven't decided whether it's worth making a fuss. I don't print my photos and certainly not a professional, but it is irritating knowing they are there and irritating knowing they weren't before it got "fixed."

Why does everything have to be such a project?!

I was so excited to have the body back that the first thing I normally do when I get home was put on hold so I could take some test shots.

Can you take a guess at what the first thing usually is? 

Does this poor, poor, starving dog give you any indication?


Woe is her.

Pathetic, right?

Friday, March 7, 2014

Lump free since 2014!

Kate had her weird gum tumor-y thing taken off Wednesday. No issues at vet. They cauterized it instead of cutting so no stitches or bleeding or anything gross like that. She was also just sedated so no full on knock-you-out business. She was in good spirits that night. She doesn't get bent out if shape by days like that like Bella does. Such a trooper, that one. For such a weird, anxious dog there are some things that she is so roll with the punches with. It's weird, but I'll take it. Bella was actually glad to see her when she got home, too. All waggy and concerned. Bella usually looks at her a bit sideways like she thinks Kate's been out partying without her. 

 Yes, Bella, she was eating cheese and playing with kitties. 

 I got news this evening that the mass is benign. Per the report from Davis it is a mass "in reaction to chronic inflammation or infection." 

 I think it is a reaction to constant ball playing and not paying attention to where you are throwing your face.

 Kate has...umm....thickening? of her lips on the top and bottom where they sit over her canines. Like they are sort of calloused? When she goes for a ball she does so with head cocked to the side. She also tends to carry things like that. Not unusual for her to have abrasions in those areas. 

 I guess her face was just protesting the years of abuse. 

 She had to have 2 days off from toys. Not good for Kates mental health. That is a dog in need of endorphins. 
She got her fix this evening.


Sort of a fix for me too. Sweet baby Jesus, she's annoying when she hasn't had exercise! 

 Bella not annoying today at all. Just....old and tired. She got to go to daycare all by herself today. If you ask me, she was a little too happy about it. Bouncing in and bouncing back out again. Apparently busy day 'cause wiped out in the car as soon as the door closed. 

 Although, she was very happy to see Kate when we got home, so who knows. Maybe she just realized she was missing when she saw her again?

Goldfish memory.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Favorite shot of my favorite girl

I just love this one. Taken in April of 2009. Must have had a warm spring that year. 

Prior to all the gray. Prior to the knocked out front tooth. About half her life ago.

So weird, time.


Eleven years old today. One one. 


Almost a teenager. No cake this year. Although, maybe I'll feel bad and get some on the way home.

Here's to eleven more, Bellissima!

Friday, February 21, 2014

The buffalo

If you are lucky you can spot her grazing in the wilds of San Jose.

Bella's coat is getting ever more cray-cray. We're growing upwards now. 

She may soon need some product. Or a hat.

My little hunchback.

Photo unscrupulously lifted from the daycare website. 
Although, they do give me a hard copy, so not stealing, really.

Monday, February 17, 2014

No presidential talk today

Just dogs and ravioli.

It was old fart day today. My two being the youngest of the farts.

We went to have lunch with the mighty Miss Emmy (and Marie)


I hope my two are that well at 14 and a half. 

Still queen of the couch.


Reigning over her domain


Kate only care about the toys. See the dog bed in the back? First things she does is go to that bed, pick it up and shake it so the toys cover the living room. She's such a polite house guest.


She works herself up over the toys for a few hours then moves on to the other good thing about Aunt Marie's house....bedding.


Bella's favorite thing about visiting is when stuff happen in the kitchen involving something other than me just getting coffee. Like, you know, people actually cook in there and shit.


Rubbing it in


Friday, February 14, 2014

A hanger and a grabber

The hanger.


Not sure why but there are just certain things on Kate's list of Stuff To Not Pick Up and apparently paper bags are on that list. Whatevs'

The grabber.


The only thing on her list is Stuff With A Heartbeat.

Kate won a raffle at daycare today. Not sure if this involved anything on her part, but she did come home with some goodies. Which were promptly commandeered by Bella. 

Happy Valentine's Day, indeed.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lumps and TV agility

So a few weeks ago Kate started bleeding while we were playing ball. Not that unusual for her to bite her tongue or lip or something. It was a bit unusual as we were playing with a soft rubber ball on grass, like, what did she bite? You know how that goes, though, looks worse than it is. The bleeding usually stops as quickly as it started. Well, it went on longer than usual. She looked like she had war paint on with streaks of blood up both sides of her face. 

 As I age, my tolerance for inside parts being on the outside gets less and less. Now, I could never have been a vet or paramedic or anything like that, but I did have some tolerance for ickies in controlled situations. Now? No, not at all. My dog first aid routine has turned into me standing there with my fists on my chin going, “oh no, oh no, oh no, why isn’t that stopping!?!?” 

I did manage to get pressure on her face with a wad of paper towels. When the bleeding finally stopped I found this under her gum… 


I couldn’t tell at the time – what with all the blood – if she had cut herself of if it was a growth. Clearly a growth of some sort now. And again I remind myself to not google shit before seeing the vet. She is doing just that tomorrow. Damn old lumpy bitches. 

Did you watch the Westminster agility last night? Wow, so disappointing. Some of it was actually painful to watch. I switched channels for some of the runs because I was uncomfortable looking at it. 

 Let me start by saying I am not criticizing individual dogs or handlers. I certainly think anyone that wants to do agility and can do it safely should do so. One of the things I think is great about agility here is that there is truly something for everyone. You don’t have to be competitive or have an uber-fast dog to enjoy the sport. I am certainly not either of those. We have NADAC-style to international style and everything in between. We have CPE to Cynosport and everything in between. 

 My problem with it is the language, I think. You should not have an event that has the words “masters” and “championship” in title and roll out what was rolled out last night. That was, at best, a showcase. Which would have been cool if that’s what it was billed as. Don’t keep saying that “these are the top ten dogs in each jump height” when they are not. They are the top three dogs with the requisite mutt and some other breeds. Twenty two seconds between second and third place? Masters Championship? Really? I understand that maybe they were trying to show that everyone can play. Little variety? I guess that if they used the actual top ten dogs from each height it probably would have been a bunch of Papillions and a bunch of Shelties and a bunch of Border collies and one Pyrenean shepherd. 

 I wish they would do both if they do this again. Showcase that anyone can have fun with their dog in this sport AND show what some of the best teams do. The actual top ten. That makes much better TV. It’s also more honest. Why do we need to make things seem more important than they are or more – even? – than they are? I mean, just because professional baseball players are much better at the sport doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy your office team league. It certainly wouldn’t make sense to play each other, right? Seems sort of insulting to both parties. 

Also, what the hell is with the La-Z-Boy chair at the start/finish? Is this normal for an AKC show? Seems awful stupid to me. And dangerous. I understand wanting the person currently in first to stick around, but sit in a big upholstered chair inside the ring at the start line? Weird! 

 Also, also, Bella is turning into a greedy bitch. 


And Kate's little chicklets just 'cause they're funny


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Same ol'

This is going to be a banner year for dogs being adorable in bed pictures.

Although, we do have a very accessible hummingbird nest at work, so you have a kajillion of those shots to look forward to. Haha. She's sitting on eggs right now, so don't want to bother too much. When the hatching happens? 

All hummers all the time! 

Lucky y'all.

Monday, February 3, 2014

The leg

In less than a second

And, ‘cause she’s a copy dog 

And, ‘cause she is getting more Kate-like as she ages… 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Look what we got!


I know, I know, doesn't mean the drought is over, but still, nice to see, yes?

We haven't had much more than just fog in soooo long.

I should go throw some soap on my car.

Friday, January 31, 2014

One month down

Like an Idiot-with-a-capital-I I decided to try a 365 project this year. I should really know myself better than that by now. See, I have this thing, if hobbies become a chore I ain't doing it anymore. January was sort of a chore. I am chalking that up to the newness though, the habit forming phase. I did manage to take a picture every day this month. Have been taking my camera to work, shooting things other than dogs. Time is an issue, though. A large portion of the shots are of dogs, at night, in my room, lots actually in bed or from bed.


We'll see how February goes. If dogs-in-bedroom account for more that 30% I am sacking the 365 thing. ;)